Get Cozy & Stay A While

To my light-radiating readers:

Welcome to a tiny nook in my ever-changing, infinitely-curious and funky mind. This blog has become my safe space to explore; a platform to express my thoughts. Through light-hearted poems, my thirst for travel, my passion for wellness & various published works, Mind Doodles will give you a better snippet into who I am.

So … who am I?

There’s so much to be found in the concealed crevices of your mind. And for that, I am still exploring, transitioning & (attempting) to discover who I am. Well, from the surface I am 23 year old, LA native, college graduate from Loyola Marymount University. I am a social butterfly, with nerdy tendencies. A writer. A poet. A social media & marketing whiz (according to my résumé). A health freak. A runner. A yogi. A sister. An avid collector (of unconventional trinkets). An early riser. And a million other things that I have yet to realize about myself.

That’s the exciting thing about life. You are always shifting; constantly evolving; forever blooming into YOU. I am excited for the future, grateful for my past and enjoying this very moment in time.

And every earthquake was worth it, that this home did endure. 

Yes the flooding left some damage, but there is time for it cure.

There are still hairline cracks I must patch-up in the ceiling,

And when it’s stormy, the rain that trickles through evokes a dim feeling.

You see, this work & toil is long overdue,

And now this home looks strangely familiar— yet simultaneously anew.

This home is happy and would like to show you around.

It sure did take some time to feel at home into this town.

Feel free to open my mental space & share some things with me. I firmly believe life is all about connections; let’s be friends.

Sending you warm light & fuzzy feelings,





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  1. How old are you? In college? Just curious as to how you travel so much


  2. your blog is great 🙂 can’t wait to read more about your new adventures..


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