Laguna: Secret Saltwater Pools

I get so many questions on my tumblr about where the hidden Laguna “top secret” saltwater pools are. They are one of my favorite local spots in Laguna; jumping into fresh ocean water, chilling while overlooking the Pacific, and the perfect spot to reflect and think. It is so tranquil— as not many people successfully make it there.

If you’re lucky enough (like myself) and have a friend that lives in the gated community, then you are granted access. However, if you don’t it’s more of a mission. The secret: Thousand Steps Beach. Walk left until you hit the rocks. Keep walking until you hit a small natural pool. It is past that. Sometimes a security guard is there and will send you back, but if you’re lucky you can get in!

If you are looking for some “bee”gan (short for vegan, but you eat honey— like myself) spots, Banzai Bowls is my personal favorite. Their acai and pitaya bowls are amazing; my personal favorite is “da kine” and then add local bee pollen. Pair it with a kombucha, and you have the perfect lunch!

Laguna is one of my favorite spots in SoCal— not too far from LA, the perfect day or weekend trip, and a great relaxation spot (even to just chill in your car and take in the scenery).

Love and light,


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