Malibu Coast: Natasha Lee Shoot

Fresh watermelon, warm beach days, polaroids, flower filled-fields, and good company are a few of my favorite things. I was lucky enough to incorporate these with my good friends Hunter & Kirstie in a recent photoshoot. The amazing and talented Natasha Lee captured the moments below.

It was a perfect spring morning, we were determined to hit all 27 miles of Malibu in one day. We did our best to find our favorite spots and capture them with radiating smiles. First stop: Broad Beach—north Malibu (just by the Trances Country Mart).

Next, Escondido Beach. A personal favorite; when its spring fresh pink flowers make a stunning canopy overlooking the beach.

We then created a cute (but definitely not perfect) lil teepee made out of silk Johnny Was scarves, boho tapestries, and Acacia padeos. Add in some fresh watermelon and polaroids, and the day was ideal.

As the sun was setting, we found a field, set down a tapestry, took some more shots, and called it a day.

Special thanks to the talented Natasha Lee— check out more of her amazing shots here:

Love and light,


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