Topanga Canyon: Magical Zone

I’m one of those lucky girls who is blessed to have a sister that doubles as a best friend. We talk everyday, and tell each other our secrets, feelings, and desires. Even with her living in Santa Barbara and myself in LA, Kaua’i, and (soon to be) New Zealand we remain in contact and our relationship never dwindles.

The weekends spent with her are cherished deeply. We spend our days adventuring, discovering new places, visiting old ones, and of course, laughing over yummy foods.

When she came home last weekend we had a lil magical adventure. Driving through Toping Canyon and PCH, blasting tropical house, and making pit-stops at our favorite places.


We welcomed the day with our go-to breakfast spot, Malibu Farm. Filling each other in over a warm bowl of quinoa oatmeal and coconut milk lattes.

There is nothing comparable to days spent with her and I’m oh-so lucky to call her blood.

I also was able to welcome these babies to the collection. Succulents are my favorite plant: so easy to take care of, pretty, and beautiful lil pieces of earth you can have inside!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Hope everyone is lucky enough to have family like this.

Love & light,


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