2016: A New Journey Around the Sun

As we start a fresh journey around the sun, I always like to take some time to reflect upon the year and make note of how I would like to spend the new year.

As 2015 came to a close, I was able to look back in my journal and see my ups and downs. From new friends, to new places, 2015 was indeed a rollercoaster of adventure.


Not only did I have three homes this year, but a handful of fresh faces and life-long friends. Moving by myself to Kaua’i was indeed the biggest jump I made this year. I grew as a woman, discovered my passion and admiration for the outdoors and mother nature, and saw how materialistic possessions mean very little to me now.

Additionally, I lived with a group of girls that radiate such positivity and support in 2015. My roommates built up my confidence and I learned how positivity influences your daily behavior and environment. If you are surround with joyousness, it truly reflects. Let’s say Late August through December were some of my favorite memories that I will cherish forever.

Let’s talk 2016 goals.

Firstly, I want to fully accept my flaws. We cannot change our imperfections, and we need to embrace it. Whether that means my frizzy hair, awkward laugh, moles on my face, or imperfect body, I want to accept them, show myself love, and learn to admire my imperfections.

Secondly, I want to learn to be fully mindful of the present. I have this tendency to wish away my Mondays, but then my Saturdays go by too fast. This is a problem because I can never seem to appreciate the moment I am in. I want to channel my inner-yogi and utilize meditation and deep breaths throughout the day more more frequently.

Thirdly, this year will be a year of travel. I move for New Zealand shortly, and I want to have the adventure of a life time. Traveling alone is an amazing time for self-discovery, and these upcoming 5 months will be filled with just that. I want to go out of my comfort zone, and explore the world like never before.

I welcome 2016 with an open heart and mind. May your year be filled with blessings, gratitude, and self-reliazation.

Love & light,




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  1. Emily I love reading your blog, both that and your insta are making me so excited for my move to Hi in April! I haven’t decided which island yet I just kind of thought it would be Oahu.. But Kauai looks and sounds absolutely heavenly! Hmm, food for thought. Anyway, I am a New Zealander so if you have any questions at all please reach out! Are you moving to the north or South Island?


    • Hi! Glad you like it :), my boyfriend is from Oahu and there is a lot more to do there, but I would suggest Kauai if you like a relaxed lifestyle. And I will be in Auckland! Do you know much about it? Is vegan food available, how is the weather, etc. Thanks so much!


      • Cool, thanks! I’ll have to do some more research, it sure looks beautiful in Kauai! Yip, Auckland is cool- big city! Most of the country’s population lives there! It is quite warm weather.. Compared to down south anyway, but not like Hawaii!!. Can be a little humid though, and rains a bit. Close to the coromandel, and the bay of islands which are beautiful spots with lots to explore. Vegan food is definitely available! My favorite vegan cafe in Auckland is littlebirdorganics – check their IG. Their food is incredible! Good luck 🙂


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