New Zealand: Canyoning in the Waitakere Mountains

After visiting Fiji and safely landing in New Zealand, I got the opportunity to go Canyoning. Basically that means repelling down waterfalls, swimming through dark caves, and maneuvering yourself through small passages. This treacherous event took place in the Waitakere Mountains, about an hour drive outside of Auckland.


Let’s just say this was one of my favorite things I have ever done. Not only did I get my daily dose of adrenaline, but I got to see untouched beauty: these waterfalls that we explored were only visited by those that sign up with this company (other than that, they are pretty much unknown by the New Zealand population).

This adventure was definitely one of my favorites so far on New Zealand. The beauty here is so raw, it really makes you appreciate Mother Nature. Although at times I was pretty scared, cold, couldn’t see (due waterfalls splashing in your face), it was so beyond worth it. I believe in taking risks, adventure, and stepping out of your comfort zone for the ability to grow and appreciate the world.


Can’t wait to share more adventures with you!

Love & light,


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