NZ: Geothermal Activity (Lake Taupo, Rotorua, Tongariro, Waitomo)

If New Zealand were a color, it would definitely be green. Besides this unique fact, one of my favorite parts about the north island was all of the geothermal activity that it offered. From neon green bubbly lakes, thermal hot springs, and steam oozing out of grass, New Zealand is an escape for those highly interested in science— it literally surrounds you!

Lake Taupo

This road trip included a lot of hiking and hot springs! The dirt/mud at the bottom of the spring acted as a nice exfoliant. Basking in the warm and steamy water was so relaxing. I seriously think we sat in the spring for an hour. Let’s just say my pores indeed got a nice cleaning!



This was by far one of my favorite road trips I took. The lake featured below is the biggest crystal clear (literally) fresh water spring on the north. From the tropical trees and green water, I was expecting dinosaurs and lil fairies to pop out at any moment.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

This 12-mile trek is considered one of the great walks on the north island. This hike encompasses so many amazing ecosystems: emerald lakes, dry land, tropical/wet land, volcanoes, and waterfalls. It’s pretty unreal, and for sure my favorite walk that I did. Nothing like a squishy peanut butter/jelly sandwich while overlooking some amazing scenery.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Glow worm caves are a must-do and something I always wanted to check off of the bucket list. Black river rafting, while staring at little worms that light up the cave like the night sky are a breathtaking sight. Despite the freezing cold water and eels swimming under you, the Waitomo caves are a necessary road trip.

Roadtrips were some of my favorite weekend memories I spent while living in New Zealand and include some of my most cherished memories!

Love & light,



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