The Cook Islands

My friends pointed to a little island in the south pacific and said “I don’t know what island that is, but let’s go there.” So we packed our bags and spontaneously traveled to the Cook Islands.

We spent a week frolicking around a tiny island, and by the end we had explored every square inch of the dreamland.

The first day we arrived it was super rainy. We took advantage of the warm rain and ran around the front yard of our airbnb.


We were fortunate enough to bike around the entire island. This island offers so much beauty; from amazing greenery, to cascading waterfalls, and the most welcoming locals.

The needlepin hike is a must— it vertically hikes across the island and has the most breathtaking view, with waterfalls along the way.

Another must is Muri Beach. This beach had the whitest sand I have ever seen and is surrounded by little islands.

We decided to swim (about a mile and a half) to one of the surrounding islands. The current was strong and we were swimming against it the whole time. This was the result.


The local farmer’s market had amazing smoothies and fresh-fruit frosties. TBH, my favorite part about this trip was that frosty: soursop, pineapple, and mango; nothing else added.

The milky blue beach below had some of the warmest water I have ever swam in. The color was so beautiful and such a a sight to see— yet alone swim in.


The sunsets were a whole other level of beauty. We would bike every night to a bar on the beach where the sun would set directly in front of us. Not to mention, they had the best espresso martinis ever.

The Cook Islands will always hold a special place in my heart and I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to a spot touched so beautifully by God’s amazing power.

Love & light,


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