Down Unda

Take LA sunshine and intertwine it with the hippiness of Hanalei, Hawaii, add a splash of Santa Cruz & a drizzle of NZ and…voila! Meet Sydney, Australia, more specifically, Bondi Beach!

Getting to explore both the beach and the city of Sydney was an amazing experience, however, I was drawn to the beach— obviously. I actually got the opportunity to surf Bondi Beach which was unforgettable! We explored the city by bus, adventured the Bondi to Coogee Costal Walk, took a boat tour around the Oprah House, and indulged in some amazing vegan eats. My personal favorite part about Sydney was the view from the Bondi Icebergs… aka the iconic & frequently instagrammed lap pools!


MmmmmMMm cotton candy clouds for the soul!


Staying healthy in Oz is easy as (if your with the local lingo saying “_____ as” pretty much translates to the mainstream saying AF).

Any who, Australian health food is boundless. If you think LA has a kale craze, you should scope the juice bars in Australia! This Aussie community is huge on vegan alternatives— so I couldn’t help but indulge.

My all-time favorite restaurant was Speedos Cafe. I have been dying to try Speedos for years and I finally made my all my food dreams come true! Below were the most amazing vegan, gluten-free pancakes with coco-whip. From full flavored quinoa/black bean burgers to vegan donuts, Speedos’ menu is pretty limitless.


Getting to explore this country’s culture, food, friendly community and warm sunshine was just another reminder of how beautiful this earth truly is!

Cheers, mate!



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