The Plight of LA Farmers

Locals, wealthy incoming residents, displacement.

Ah, the unfortunate turmoil and dominance that typically results when enclaves become the hip & trendy new spot… hello gentrification.

I recently investigated The Stanford-Avalon Garden— one of the 31 urban farms located in the greater Los Angeles area. It sits on a long, narrow patch of land in Watts and runs perpendicular to the 115 freeway for 11 blocks underneath the LADWP power lines. Surrounded by single family homes, tree-less streets, and a nearby freight train line, the Stanford-Avalon Garden sits amid the hiss of the freeway and low circling helicopters.

This project is all original sourcing, photography and videography. It is password protected for the rights of the helpful men and women that so kindly granted me access into this pressing issue that is so commonly overlooked. You can read & watch all about the plight of LA farmers here, entering the password “capstone” upon request.

***Extra special thanks to KTLA for proofing help!

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