This poem I wrote is pretty fitting for a childhood book. But here we go: 

There’s a far away place I would like to take you.

Grab my hand because it’s hard to get to. 

Their fruit is plentiful— with of course reason. 

In fact, their sweet cherries are never out of season. 

At night (the stars that were once unseen)

Are vibrant and well-alive. And glow like light beams!

I heard that junebugs fly & greet you with a kiss

And their sweet melodies linger, so you can reminisce.

I heard that when it rains the water is sweet 

So dance in it & tell your skin it’s a treat!

But the path is unpaved & the map is yet to be written 

But don’t worry my friend, I’m sure we will fit right in. 

And if for some reason we don’t seem to blend,

We will draw our own map and just go to the end!

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