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Some Recent Writes

I teamed up with a charitable jewelry collection & have been bloggin’ away! Get your jewelry frenzy fix & read up on some recent writes:

🌸GRL POWER🌸: We’re shifting the stigma of power & redefining it as universal good. A Token Of has teamed up with She Should Run: the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that promotes leadership and encourages women from all walks of life to run for office

💝DEAR MAMA💝: Mother’s Day is around the corner and with this holiday comes more than what meets the eye when browsing the card aisle. Whether a celebration or a painful day, reflection has close ties to this May holiday. It is a time that redirects your thoughts inward. As we shed our childhood skin, this is our time to return the favor of love to the source we discovered it from.

💟SO EVERY STUDENT HAS A PLACE AT THE LUNCH TABLE💟: We don’t just drape the phrase kindness around our neck. Yes— kindness may be a pretty statement, but it’s also what we function for. It’s what we serve forth to our community; we’re here to manifest our mission statement. That is why A Token Of partners with the philanthropy that embodies every aspect of kindness: No Bully.

🔒GOT IT ON LOCK🔒: Lockets are kinda like a relationship. And with that, comes the ebb and flow of relationship status. We’re not over here judging if you swap your boyfriend out of your locket with a picture of the real BEA (Inn-N-Out… *genius idea, we know*). But the fact of the matter is A Token Of Lockets aren’t like your grandma’s locket. There is no fussing through old scrapbooks and accidentally snipping off someone’s ear to get the perfect size pic in your precious pendant. Which is why swapping out pictures has never been easier. Yes, our easy-peasy locket photo editor is here to resize any photo to flawlessly fit in our lockets.

🌹LUVER’S DAY🌹: A Hallmark card isn’t going to cut it. And the only thing that’s going to remain from that box of chocolates is the crumbled rappers inside.

In the mood for some visuals? Good thing A Token Of makes my décolletage extra charming (quite literally)!




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