When You Find the End of a Rainbow 

Tell me now,

When you find the end of a rainbow

Do you think tomorrow will be on your mind?

Or will you be thinking about how the colors don’t intertwine?

Or maybe how there’s supposed to be that pot of gold.

But now I question, why must this rainbow fit into a mold?

That’s the thing, we listen to what we are told.

About how 9 to 5s are the right path,

And take these pills because it will cure this and that.

And don’t ask questions or dare think twice

Because when you’re quiet, you appear to be nice.

But for me, that will not suffice.

Because I’m on the search for the end of the rainbow

And there’s no laid-out map for that.

And so my search will be solo,

And filled with my thoughts

And trying to understand and connect these crazy dots

Why rainbows need a definition

And why life needs a plan,

But in the meantime, I’ll spread my wingspan.

Transforming and blooming, to the point where I overflow.

Ah— there it is:

I have found the end of MY rainbow.

🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈

This poem I have kept buried deep in my iPhone notes for months but finally decided to share it.

The cover photo above was taken on my lanai in Wainiha, Hawaii; other photos below are some of my all-time favorite rainbow captures that I have witnessed. Subtle or vibrant, any rainbow is the heavens peeping in just saying hello.


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