Beauty In Balance

Endless thanks to The Kollection for featuring my op-ed!

In this blog I discuss the mental tug-of-war I played for countless years; the paradox of my passion for health yet simultaneous anticipation to hit the dance floor Friday night. Over the shame, confusion & guilt-filled years, I have learned how to cohesively blend the two together:

“There is beauty in living a balanced lifestyle. There is beauty in interlacing the black and the white; mending your lifestyle to create colors custom fit for what best serves you. The scale is never perfectly balanced, but I have found ways to dismiss guilt and allow myself to enjoy a night on the town while ensuring I get my yoga fix the next morning.”

Read up HERE (& be sure to listen to the yummy, funky playlist I put together that nicely mirrors the theme)!

Can you relate? Let me know in the comments how you balance this crazy snippet of time called LIFE! 🌈🌱

📸 Photo by Cue the Danger 📸

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